Update of the Year

Wait a minute, that sounded as pretentious as the movie title The Tree of Life. I should probably just call it a yearly update instead. So, here it is.

After working on three games for three years at High Impact Games in Burbank, I'm now working on a PS3 Title at SuperBot Entertainment, a startup games studio in Culver City. Since the game's genre is new to me, I feel like I'm back into the student mode, which is soooooo refreshing!

If you're wondering what ever happened to the short, then so am I. It's as of now on hold, coz it became a bit ambitious for one person to fully work on it to see it finished. Now, who is not surprised?! If anyone is interested in collaborating on this one, shoot me an email at skadloori@gmail.com, and maybe it'll get made someday.

Also I'm thinking of sharing some of my old Norman mods, but not sure how relevant those will be, when there are so many feature quality rigs available for free! I'll put those up in a day or two.

Till then, Ciao!