I've been working on this for a while now, for a minute or two whenever I feel like animating at home these days. It's all animated, and needs polish. Here's a one second tease. And yes, there's more to it. Precisely 12 more seconds i.e. unless I decide to change something at the very last moment, which is gonna make it better but also is gonna take me a year more coz of the Turbo pace (aka, Snail pace, *ahem*) I work at, at home :)

The Bag

Lots of silly mistakes, but it's a learning process. If you like it, awesome! If you don't, that might actually be your problem! :)


I wanted to call it an Update again, but there were quite a few Updates before. So, there...I'm calling it Announcement!!

I know you guys wanna know what it's about....the title makes you curious, doesn't it?! Yeah... I like the title! :)

I'll be working on a kick-ass super fun cartoony project pretty soon at Big Red Button. Best part...gonna learn tons lot!!

-End of Announcement-

Latest Reel

It's up on my website and also on vimeo

Now it's upto you to rip it apart in comments if you like. But be kind, it's lot of hard work! Nah, just kidding!! Say whatever you feel like :)