Subtext - WIP

Hmm. I can't believe I did a animation on black eye. But, I hope the acting and animation works.

The assignment was to do a One Person Dialogue with Subtext. The teachers assigned each of us with a Dialogue. They also had a bunch of subtexts written on folded papers. They would call us, and we had to pick a subtext. So we had to animate the assigned Dialogue with the subtext we picked.

The subtext I got when I picked was "Your character is trying to hide something".

Most of the critique I got this week was about polishing. From start to frame 90, they told me to make the mouth shapes look "happy" because she's excited about something and wants to show it to the professor. And also that would be a nice contrast to what happens after the gear-change.

They told me to open her eyes more at 26, because she "sees" the professor and then reacts. The "o" mouth shape at 26, when saying "Oh! Professor", needs some anticipation by opening and then tightening really close.

From 95 onwards, since she talks so fast, they asked me to combine few accents into one mouth shape, so that there isn't the chattering going on. They said "we don't talk like that".

Also my "F" and "M" mouth shapes need work.

Tired - Polishing

This assignment was supposed to be a Silhouette Dialogue where the character is rendered all black with no facial animation. Since I had planned to make it into a proper dialogue piece, I didn't post it back then.

I showed it to the teachers for a quick critique, and they told me that I'm trying to hit every accent and the arms look floppy. They asked me to keep the hands down when he says "prototypes" so that I don't have too many hand gestures.

Also there is a lot of twinning going on towards the end, which I need to fix. Also, I've to fix the part where he's turning. The weight shifts during that part and the pose itself is a little awkward.

Any comments or critiques are welcome.