I have nothing to say about this one. I just hope it turned out good, as I've absolutely no idea how it's looking. Drop a comment if you see something that's odd or sticks out. I'll try to address those sometime later.

Calvin and Balloon - WIP

This is something I'm working on just for fun. It's based on a Calvin & Hobbes comic strip. I need to work on it a little more. So, comments or critiques would be great.

I might do more of these whenever I have some free time. Not sure though! Coz I'll have to modify Norman into Hobbes. That's hard!

Tiger Trot Cycle

I wanted to practice animating a quadruped, as I have never animated one before. And also since it's been a while I updated this blog, I wanted something which I can post here.

I came across this Tiger rig on Highend3d, which had some great controls, so here it is.

I've seen quite a few quadruped walks and runs, but I can't remember seeing a Trot. One more reason for doing a Trot is I thought I could play around to get some fleshy feeling at the belly area, which, in a walk or run, is hard to notice.

I never knew animating a tail was so hard. It's still not smooth. I'll try to fix it some other time.

Feel free to leave comments or critiques.