Update on updates

For those who drop by this blog once in a while, I want you to know that I won't be posting any new stuff anytime soon, as I'm preparing to do a short, which I don't know will take how long! It could be 6 months, or a year, or forever like always. No idea. So, for time being, you can forget this blog exists, or you can subscribe for the RSS feed to remind you, in case I have some update for you guys!

Now, going into hibernation mode, 3....2....1....

Movie files are back!!

Thanks to Ratul Sarna, I got almost all the Quicktime files back which I had lost yesterday. I uploaded all the files now, so the blog is back to where it was. Awesome! Thanks Ratul!!

Website down

My bad! I just renewed my domain and hosting for my website from GoDaddy.com for 3 more years. It had a Auto-renewal thing ON which I didn't like. I navigated to the Renewal options, clicked on Cancel, and it cancelled my entire hosting account including the 3 years I purchased 5 minutes ago. Who puts a Cancel button, which actually cancels the account, in the Auto-Renewal section!!

Even though I called the GoDaddy guys right away, they were unable to help with the lost files. They told me there's a $150 fee for retrieval of files. No way I'm paying that! And when I asked them if I could atleast get the hosting account back without the files, they told me I had to purchase an additional 3 months to get it back!! Wow, they must have put the Customer Rip-off number in the Customer Service section too.

Now I have a new hosting account, again with GoDaddy, but my files are all gone! I'll try to find if I have any copies of them on my Computer and try to put them back as soon as I can. But I don't think I have any files from my old blog posts! I'll see what I can do.

So, if any of you have a website, just get a back-up guys! You never know which Cancel button cancels what! Or maybe I'm just a dumb guy and I didn't know about it!!

Modified Norman

I sometimes get emails with requests to share my modified Norman rigs. Though I'm not able to share the specific character rigs at the moment, I use a modifed Norman, with a body which I grabbed from another rig called Nart, as a base for my characters.

You can download it by clicking HERE