Lamp - Object Interaction - WIP

The assignment was to have a character interacting with an object. The critique I got was to cushion the pulling of the lamp. Right now its a pop. Also the hand shaking after it gets burnt needs to have a good silhouette. And yes, it needs good finger poses, facial expressions and also it doesn't have an ending, which I've to put in. I have one more week left to finish it.

Getting Up from Chair

We had to show that the character is going through a thought process while getting up from a chair. The notes from the teachers was to add a breakdown between frames 64 and 72, having the character fall (or sit) on the chair while still having the arm stretched out grabbing the paper. I was also told to tweak a few poses little bit for getting smooth arcs on the nose.

Juice Box

The assignment was to make a Juice box enter the frame, react to something offscreen, or react to another Juice box, and then leave the frame. It was a simple rig. So had fun animating it.

The note from the class was to change the end walk to something with more energy to it.

Another Walk Cycle

This one is class assignment from Pixar 1. I had to do a character walk. I did'nt know what to do. So I just started out animating. Initially I thought of doing a drunk walk, then changed it to a dozy walk, again changed it to a tired walk, and it ended up looking like a Zombie Walk.

So there it is. The Zombie Walk. I got pretty good notes from the teachers. I'll make changes accordingly and repost later.

Humiliated - WIP

It's a one person dialogue that I'm working on for my Animation Studio Class. I don't like the pose when she says "everyone knows". I'll be changing that, and hopefully it'll be better.

There's more dialogue to it. I've only blocked this far.

If someone's checking this out, let me know what you think of it. Critiques are always welcomed.

Jungle Jumps - Blocking

This was an assignment I started on my own and stopped it midway through blocking. I really got all inspired after watching Glen Keane animated Tarzan. I'm not sure if I should continue with it or not, as it might look like I'm trying to copy. Still debating.

I planned it to be a 20 sec clip. Blocked only 6 seconds so far.

Pixar 1 Class

Just got email from the Academy saying I got into the Pixar 1 class. Finally!!

Baby Lift : Weight Excercise

Didn't turn out the way I thought it would. I did'nt spend much time on it either. Just like the walks, this is also for the Pixar Class Submission.

Character Walk Cycle

I've tried to do a Female character walkcycle. I did this as a part of my Pixar Class Submission reel. I've my fingers crossed. I hope to get into that class. This is my third try at it.

Normal Walk Cycle

The title says it all.

Update: Download the maya file here

Vegetarian - getting there

right now...the keys are not offset yet....i hope it'll look good once it's done....and ya...the animation on the waiter needs work and also on the vegetarian guy. and also on the yellow shirt guy....i don't think it'll ever end....i mean the process...

and also the whole animation looks slow and floaty....i'll see what i can do about that...

critique or comments anyone?....hello!!.....anyone??

Vegetarian WIP

still working on it. have to change lot of poses. Looks terrible now. taking a break surely puts things in the right perspective.

any critique would be great. thanx

Bouncing Balls

It's amazing how the Graph Editor can change an entire animation. Here's what it did to my Bouncing Balls animation.

And here's the one before tweaking in Graph Editor.