Getting Up from Chair

We had to show that the character is going through a thought process while getting up from a chair. The notes from the teachers was to add a breakdown between frames 64 and 72, having the character fall (or sit) on the chair while still having the arm stretched out grabbing the paper. I was also told to tweak a few poses little bit for getting smooth arcs on the nose.


Sonia Gaud said...

there is a basic acting issue. if you want to show that the man is stuck with some thought while he is picking up the paper, he should keep looking at the table and slide his hand towards the paper like a blind man, until he gets it.

i didn't get the last part, does he look at someone, who shocks him to keep back the paper?

shiva said...

the animation is so bad...i look at it now...and laugh at myself in embarrassment.

i changed it quite a bit..which should be up on my website soon.

the purpose of the assignment was that, the way a person gets up from the chair can also show the characters thinking or emotion.

so basically, if the character is going through something then it affects the way he/she gets up.

Sonia Gaud said...

nah...u're being over-critical's not as bad as you say it is..

perfection has no limit :)