Tired - Polishing

This assignment was supposed to be a Silhouette Dialogue where the character is rendered all black with no facial animation. Since I had planned to make it into a proper dialogue piece, I didn't post it back then.

I showed it to the teachers for a quick critique, and they told me that I'm trying to hit every accent and the arms look floppy. They asked me to keep the hands down when he says "prototypes" so that I don't have too many hand gestures.

Also there is a lot of twinning going on towards the end, which I need to fix. Also, I've to fix the part where he's turning. The weight shifts during that part and the pose itself is a little awkward.

Any comments or critiques are welcome.


Gerardo Castellanos said...

Hi Shiva

Nice animation!
I just see something I did like:

about frame 46, I don´t like the way the shoulder looks like...and how it comes to that pose... I don´t feel much natural.

Is just my opinion.

See you!

shiva said...

hey gerardo,

ya. It's the way the geometry deforms when I raise the shoulder. I'll try to fix it once I'm finished with the animation part.

Rodentthought said...

Cool Animation Shiva,

Well,not sure if i might be right; in the end as he says "good honest cash" do you think it would be a good idea to move his eyes left and right?

shiva said...

he would do that if he was unsure of what he wants. in this case, he's pretty sure what he wants. so i don't think he would do that. i could be wrong though.

Rodentthought said...

I meant moving his eyes or head for checking if people are around when he says ""good honest" "cash" anyways i think i learnt something.

Anonymous said...


Most of your Characters lean forward or towards an object, not sure if they need to be as such a character...I would give a husky stiff body for the man. You are always right ...this is ur sketch.

shiva said...


may be you are right. i never shot any reference for my animation so far. so maybe my imagination is limited.

i think it's high time that i start shooting reference.

good call. thanks.

Chetan Trivedi said...

hey Shiva,
umm i tried going over n over this shot in ur reel and this version, but i cudnt see what is wrong with the turn.
can u point it out man?

shiva said...

hey, i don't think i redid that part for my reel.

the thing i don't like about it is how the root starts turning and moving to the right all of a sudden. it's just stupid nit picky mechanical stuff. nothing to be too concerned about.

Chetan Trivedi said...

hmm thanx.