Tiger Trot Cycle

I wanted to practice animating a quadruped, as I have never animated one before. And also since it's been a while I updated this blog, I wanted something which I can post here.

I came across this Tiger rig on Highend3d, which had some great controls, so here it is.

I've seen quite a few quadruped walks and runs, but I can't remember seeing a Trot. One more reason for doing a Trot is I thought I could play around to get some fleshy feeling at the belly area, which, in a walk or run, is hard to notice.

I never knew animating a tail was so hard. It's still not smooth. I'll try to fix it some other time.

Feel free to leave comments or critiques.


Andrew Garber said...

Hey Shiva, hows it going? I haven't looked at your blog in a while. This is looking really cool, I like the way the stomach bounces up and down. I think the jaw bounces a little too much though, especially on the side view. I haven't had time lately to animate my own personal stuff, maybe I'll do the 11 second club for June or something though.

Will you be going to E3 next week?

shiva said...

hey andrew,

i'm aware of the jaw movement being too much, but i had to put it coz of the perspective view from which the face looked so dead compared to the body movement.

and i know it's so tiring to work on personal stuff when u have a day job.

i'm working on a dialogue piece, which is taking me forever. shall post it when it's done, or rather when i'm done with it.

i haven't registered for E3, so might not.

whoami said...

Hi! Shiva,

Looks great. I used to follow your blog while pursuing my course in Character Animation. Today, I revisited your blog after a long time. Love your work.

shiva said...

I'm glad you like it, but there's nothing creative in it, it's just a study.

Karan3D said...

everything on this blog is cool. great stuff. one small thing ,i feel the tail joint on the hip looks a bit stiff (side view) otherwise its coming out great.

shiva said...

ya, i know. it looks like it's pinned to a wall. that was my main problem with the tail. but i'm too lazy to fix it :)

Graham Ross said...

Nice job man. I'd try loosening up the shoulders a bit.

shiva said...

thanks graham, the rig doesn't have a proper shoulder control. i had to create some clusters and animate those to give the pop at the top. but i see what u are saying.