I have nothing to say about this one. I just hope it turned out good, as I've absolutely no idea how it's looking. Drop a comment if you see something that's odd or sticks out. I'll try to address those sometime later.


Chetan Trivedi said...

Hey Shiva,

cool stuff man!!
is this close to final? or will you be taking care of the interceptions? just wondering.

anyways, do you have earlier versions of this with you? and can u upload them? i would love to see how you go about blocking the stuff out and solving the performance.

keep rocking.

shiva said...

the intersecting geometry doesn't bother me. if it were a actual feature production, it might cause problems for cloth simulation and stuff, but for this piece i feel OK with it.

is this final? i donno, i do still work on my old stuff from time to time, and for this piece, i got some feedback that it's floaty at some places. i might just try to fix that for now!

shiva said...

oh..for the second question, i would be embarrassed to show my earlier versions of it. they are just bad. since it's my own piece and i never did a clear blocking to show someone for approval!

except for the last sentence the guy says, i had a clear idea of how it's going to look after it's done. so i just worked towards what i had in mind, and i kept changing the end part till someone said it doesn't look bad.

and thank you for your kind words, chetan.

Jeffrey Cheung said...

great, a new animator's blog to watch. love your stuff!

shiva said...

glad you like 'em.

Chetan Trivedi said...

hmm thanx for the replies Shiva.
looking forward to the updated version man and more stuff.
thanx again


Sonia Gaud said...

Haha! Good choice of dialog and nice acting choices :) What I like the most about your blog is constant efforts. It is challenging to do something on your own - with no submission deadlines/approvals to keep you ticking.

Teju said...

Hi shiva,

big fann....:)
i always like ur work, like the feel of individual clips. awesome work. right now where u working at? hope u wud get into feature film soon, i wish u from my heart:). can i hope any new amazing stuff soon?

good job. inspiring
thaks a lot

shiva said...


at the moment i'm looking for a job, and i don't think i'm going to update my blog anytime soon, as I still haven't thought of what to do next!

Deepak Arasu said...

Great Work and All the best on your job search Shiva!

shiva said...


Armando said...


Dapoon said...

Love those playful mouth shapes of the boss when he says "In what way are we even remotely normal couple". Adds a lot of attitude.
I remember studying the same attitude in Syndrome when he tries to flirt a little with Mirage when she gets mad at him for earlier letting Bob crush her.

shiva said...

Thanks! Nice post on subtext, btw! :)

Dapoon said...

Thanks Shiva! And thank YOU for introducing me that term. It really changed a lot of things for me. :)