Website down

My bad! I just renewed my domain and hosting for my website from for 3 more years. It had a Auto-renewal thing ON which I didn't like. I navigated to the Renewal options, clicked on Cancel, and it cancelled my entire hosting account including the 3 years I purchased 5 minutes ago. Who puts a Cancel button, which actually cancels the account, in the Auto-Renewal section!!

Even though I called the GoDaddy guys right away, they were unable to help with the lost files. They told me there's a $150 fee for retrieval of files. No way I'm paying that! And when I asked them if I could atleast get the hosting account back without the files, they told me I had to purchase an additional 3 months to get it back!! Wow, they must have put the Customer Rip-off number in the Customer Service section too.

Now I have a new hosting account, again with GoDaddy, but my files are all gone! I'll try to find if I have any copies of them on my Computer and try to put them back as soon as I can. But I don't think I have any files from my old blog posts! I'll see what I can do.

So, if any of you have a website, just get a back-up guys! You never know which Cancel button cancels what! Or maybe I'm just a dumb guy and I didn't know about it!!


Joey said...

That's crazy man! Sounds like they put that button there just to scam you. If you're quick you can pull the old posts out of goolge cache. Just google your blog name and then click where it says "cached" after the url. That's probably exactly what they would have done for $150.

shiva said...

Hey Joey,

I actually got back the quicktime files which I put on my blog!! Not from the *very helpful* GoDaddy, but from a friend in India who had the quicktime files, from my blog posts, saved on his computer for his reference.

That helped a bit, though I lost the other files I had saved onto my hosting.

Anonymous said...

I actually have friends who wanted to use their webhost service because it's cheaper, but I knew something about their cheap price is too good to be true. And well geez, they actually auto renew your account for THREE years? That's a LOT.

I would rather pay a little more somewhere else with a better service.

Hope everything gets sorted out. :(