Pixar 1 Class

Just got email from the Academy saying I got into the Pixar 1 class. Finally!!


Chintan Shah said...

hey shiva,

i saw your works, man i have to say its simply mindblowing... its amazing dude...keep up the good work and looking forward to see more animations from you. hey if you can please give me some crits n comments on my animations it would be great my blog : www.chints-84.blogspot.com

all the best,
hey r u from India ??

shiva said...

hey chintan, thanks.

you are the first person to post a comment on my blog. and it's exciting.

i'll check out your blog for your works. i'm very bad at commenting or critiquing. but, i'll try.

and i'm from hyderabad, india. it's been 3 yrs i'm living in san francisco. i study at academy of art university.

Chintan Shah said...

hey thats really cool man, i m learning aniamtion from one the graduates of academy... his name is Manu Ittina....

and dont hesitate with ur crits & comments... just bring it on whatever you think..

and hey... looking for more updates buddy... ur blog is bookmarked and check iteveryday :D