Jungle Jumps - Blocking

This was an assignment I started on my own and stopped it midway through blocking. I really got all inspired after watching Glen Keane animated Tarzan. I'm not sure if I should continue with it or not, as it might look like I'm trying to copy. Still debating.

I planned it to be a 20 sec clip. Blocked only 6 seconds so far.


Chintan Shah said...

hey shiva,
as far as i can say, its looks pretty cool to me, and dude... you say this is ur blockin... pheeewwwwww !!!!!!!

nice goin man...

Chintan Shah said...

hey shiva,

man.... those are dammmm nice ideas which you gave me.... shit i really didn't think abt it that way.... oh boy... you are too cool man... now i guess i'll be able to take the animation to the next level... woooooow.... i still cant get over it, thinking about the "green guy looking at him and following the trajectory"... dats a super cool idea... right now i m working on a dialogue... but as soon as i finish this... i'll rework on the karate animation...

thanks a lot buddy...
u rock

all the best,
Chintan :D

shiva said...

it has so far about 12 poses. only the tangents are changed to "flat" at some places and spline at some.

i'll show this to jean-denis haas, and see if i can do this as a class assignment. i'm taking his class this semester. so lets see what he thinks about it.

Chintan Shah said...

dude jean-dennis, he is too cool man.. i make it to a point to read his blogs everyday "AAU" & "swench"... hey by any chance do you know Sunil Pant. from AAU ?? he is my very good friend.

shiva said...

i've no idea who sunil pant is.

Chintan Shah said...

hey shiva,

thanks a lot for the link... i have subscribed to the news letter its really awesome... and the tips and tricks section by Shawn Kelly is really really helpful. If haven't seen older ones, then just check it out, the tips are really helpful. Hey can i add you on any of the messengers ?? if yes then can you send me your mail id. My mail id is ""chints84 (84) gmail.com""

thanks a lot man :)

shiva said...

hey chintan,

you can always email me at skadloori@gmail.com

i use messenger, but it's usually only for close friends.

kasana said...

good piece of Animation.
Hang time is lil too acc, to my taste.
and copywork .Oh....... :) :)
Just today morning we guys were talking abt this.
so lpz allow me the few line I remember.

Immitation + Innovation = Creation

TO break the rule first we should know the Rules.

Nothing wrong in copying until you learning and not copying blindly.

its all I can say.......

shiva said...

hey kasana,

even my teachers said they don't mind if it's done really well....

i don't think i'll be able to work on this anymore....but i might in future, just for fun.

i'm working on the walkcycle with this jungle guy....lets see how it turns out.