Humiliated - WIP

It's a one person dialogue that I'm working on for my Animation Studio Class. I don't like the pose when she says "everyone knows". I'll be changing that, and hopefully it'll be better.

There's more dialogue to it. I've only blocked this far.

If someone's checking this out, let me know what you think of it. Critiques are always welcomed.


Chintan Shah said...

hey shiva,

At last...i had been waiting for the updates... the new animation looks good... but i think you can speed it up a lil more to achieve that anger & probably make those poses a lil bigger... also i think you can open up one of the pose rather than having all the closed poses... and the last pose doesnt read well silhouette-wise ... but hey its shaping up nicely... looking forward for more updates :)


Chintan Shah said...

a minor mistake in the previous post... its not the last pose... its the pose when she says "Its no Secret..." which doesnt read clearly silhouette-wise.

sorry man, my bad.

shiva said...

hey chintan,

no one in my class liked that "it's no secret" pose either. i wanted a more sarcastic feel for that part.

i'm just trying to get a overall feel for the dialogue. once i feel it's looking good enough, i'll start adding more clarity to the poses.

i thought of making the poses bigger, but it'll start to look cartoony. i'm trying to balance between cartoony and realistic. thatz the reason i didn't like the pose when she says "everyone knows". it's too big. even Jean-Denis said that acting out the words is not good.

Chintan Shah said...

hmmm... makes sense if you are trying to get more subtle stuff into it... anyways i'd love to see the finish work !

Chintan :)