Fixing - WIP

Here's my first assignment from the Pixar 2 class. We were told to have a character "fix" an object. We had three weeks to finish it. The hardest part was to think of an idea. Even harder was to make it clear for the teachers and fellow students who have never seen a scale and know how it is used. However foreign students had no problem understanding what was going on.

Now the notes the teachers gave me. As a overall note, the scale seems attached to the hand and moves with the arm with no sense of weight. Instead, the arm should move according to the movement of the scale showing it's weight.

The weight shifts on the body from 18 to 40 are too sharp. it can be toned down and i could add a little overlap on spine. I was told to push the satisfied expression on his face at 155 by raising his left eyebrow even more and adjusting the eye shape, coz the raised eyebrow will pull the upper eye lid accordingly.

From 190-208, the body just translates. they told me to add a breakdown showing that the hips are leading the action and the spine, neck and head are following.

From 240-270, it looks like he's chewing something instead of him mumbling. I was told to add mouth shapes to his inner dialogue.

Comments or critiques are welcome.


Anand said...

NICE !!!! but make them tomatoes instead of potatoes....;)

shiva said...

give it up know i won't change

Gerardo Castellanos said...

You are very very good!
I am fan about your animation!
I like it too much.
I am a AnimationMentor student... I did not know about Pixar academy.

my messenger: lsddigital [a]

shiva said...

hi gerardo,

good to know you liked it. but it's far from finish. it's too slow and floaty.

pixar animators teach 3 levels of classes at Academy of Art University.

vampire said...

Nice!!! Nice to see the pixar training assignments...

Rodentthought said...

Very nice one, just simply very good.

Sonia Gaud said...

Shiva, why do you ask for critique?? You give such well-organized and thorough critiques for your own have summarized all that could be said about your work, and you leave only one word to be said by the public at large - wow!

shiva said...

hi sonia,

maybe it's because i try to act modest.

Chetan Trivedi said...

hey wow. thanx for sharing the crits man..awesome.
i hope there are more on the site.
ur reel rocks.
the tiger trot is cool too.