Gear Change - WIP

We had to animate a character showing two different thoughts with a good transition pose. The transition moment is what the teachers were looking for. They call it the Light Switch moment.

I didn't get much of a critique this week, as the teachers liked the first part but wanted me to take off the second part after he does the jump. That part is still blocking, as I never got myself to work on that part after the initial blocking stage. Click here to download the large size version if anyone wants it.

Comments or Critiques are welcome.


gerardo castellanos said...

Really good job!
I love when he looks the cube, and turns it.
excelent animation.

I can´t wait to see your next one.

shiva said...

i've no idea if it's good or not. it's hard to like one's own work after having worked on it for long and watching it over and over.

but...i'm glad you liked it.

after sometime, maybe i'll like it too..

RD Sarna said...

Awesome Work!
Just went through the whole blog of yours and got really inspired....your level of polish is great! I'm a newbie so this blog will really help me....
Thanx Shiva!


shiva said...

hi ratul,

i usually try to post the comments i get from my teachers, hoping others might find them helpful. feels good that it's actually of some help.

Rodentthought said...

Hey this is a good one. I really love the blend. Well, at our academy in Bangalore, two of your works are famous

1. The baby lifting
2. The animation where the guy sneaks on a paper

really cool :)

shiva said...

after few months when you'll look at them again....i'm'll be like "thats bad. i can't believe i said i liked them."