Dead Lock - Two Person Dialogue

This was our last of the Pixar 2 assignments. I've nothing much to say about this one. As it happens all the time, I've no idea how this turned out.

Comments and critiques are welcome, but not sure if I can address those. It's been long and 'am tired of working on this.


jesse said...

Hey Shiva! What's going on? I put a link to your site on mine and followed that link to this WIP blog. I had forgotten what great work you did last semester! Keep it up man. How's the job search going? I've been working on my website a little, but not too much else. Have a look and let me know what you think: Later on Shiva! Good luck!


shiva said...

hey jesse,

i'm still searching, applying, waiting for replies, drinking lots of coffee and watching movies, and animating just a little every day.

Andrew Garber said...

Hey Shiva, this one is looking really good. The part when he takes his hand off of his chin to grab his suspenders looks too slow to me, its almost like slow motion. The fingers look pretty crazy when he pulls down on the suspenders too, like he broke them or something, haha. Everything else is pretty good though, especially the other guy. I just finished up my 2 person dialogue too and i put it on my site. Anyway, great job and maybe I'll see you in the pixar 3 class in the fall.

Andrew Garber

shiva said...

hey andrew,

that part does look like slow motion. but now, after taking a break from it, the entire animation feels floaty. i'll see what i can do about it.

and there's a strange rumor going on that there might not be anymore pixar classes at the academy. lets hope for the best.

Graham Ross said...

Looks a lot better than it did at the end of class man. Good job!

shiva said...

hi graham,

i was trying a something new with that shot. instead of posing the characters and working out the animation, i was working on the animation first and then trying to get the poses within that.

just to get out of the pose to pose feel.

but i guess it got messed up. the old guy feels pose-to-pose and the other guy feels floaty.

have to think of some other way.

Rodentthought said...

Hey Shiva, very nice work. looks like you are busy, anyways all the best man. Please do comment on my 1st dialog block at
if you find time.

Graham Ross said...

If you're trying to get rid of the floatyness I think you just need to vary the speed of the splines a bit or have some of the keys hit harder. That might get rid of the swimminess. But honestly I like the treatment you're doing here better than what you had before. It probably just needs another round of polish man!

shiva said...


ya, it needs more work for sure.

after blocking and re-blocking to please the teachers for 3 whole weeks, i had very little patience left. so was i more of in a hurry to finish it and send out my demo reel than actually sit and work to get everything right.

but since i now see the problems very clearly, i'll work on it.