Reel is up

At Last! Something to blog about. You can check out my reel at my website.

Why it took so long? coz, I was trying to not show it to anyone. But 've been sending the link to everyone I know, so didn't make sense to hide it from others.

To people who don't like it, I know it's bad. To those who like it, I still think it's bad.


dapOOn said...

woooooow shiva, u're fast turning into one of my inspirations!!
had read some of ur comments on animation monsters and i was wondering who u are! so i visited ur blog & got a PLEASANT shock when i learned u're a pixar intern! another shock soon came when i saw that the norman walk cycle i keep referring, was animated by YOU!!

MARVELOUS collection of work shiva... STUPENDOUS! i'd LOVE it if u cud comment on some of my work (which are not THAT great) to know where i stand as far as Pixar standards are concerned (rite now i'm guessing i'm a speck of dust! lol)

thanks man!

shiva said...

Hey dapOOn,

Glad you like my work, but even I'm shocked to know I'm a pixar intern, coz I'm not. I did try, but didn't get in.

dapOOn said...
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dapOOn said...



oh well sort of a mix up there!! lol

but u kept mentioning pixar 1, pixar 2 classes in ur blog!! so i assumed the obvious! anyway so where did u study from?